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17 July 2011

Look what I made :o)

I had the book, I ordered some pattern paper and I had the fabric. I set about making my pattern, cutting out all the pieces of fabric (not rushing, as I'm prone to impatience ;o) ), then stitching it all together. I was very impressed with myself following all the instructions to the letter, doing french seams!!, and not bodging it all like I usually do.

Here's the finished skirt :o). I'm quite pleased with how it turned out considering that this is not the skirt from the book!! This is supposed to be a wrap-around skirt, but as my idea of small/medium from the pattern is clearly not the same as their idea of small/medium. So, unless I wanted my bum showing out the back of the skirt I had to change it to a proper skirt. I just stitched up the two edges, leaving the wrap ties as the fastening. Not ideal, but at least my hips aren't huge :o). I also cut 8inches off the bottom as I didn't like the length. So, my first foray into proper clothes making...not perfect but it'll do.

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Pippa said...

That skirt is great!! I love that book, but I'm pretty sure that when I made one of the little dresses in it for Minnie, it turned out so small that the dress only fits her doll!!! I've made the washbag a few times from the book and that turned out all right. The pictures are lovely aren't they, always make me want to get the sewing machine out. I like the fabric you've used and it's great that you've turned it into something that fits and looks pretty, despite the pattern! xxx

Kristen said...

Eeee! Shell, that's a great skirt! Well done, altering the pattern to make it fit you, and it looks super-summery. Perfect. :)

Anonymous said...

love this! gorgeous skirt. depending on length, would look good worm over jeans in winter too.


Heather said...

Love the look of your skirt - so cheery and fun! I just found that exact same fabric as a flat sheet at our thrift store last week, I've been using it as an outdoor table cloth. I just love the floral pattern and colours.