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27 September 2011

Cowl/Snood Pattern (hopefully)

 (picture 1)

Firstly, I used 2 balls of Twilleys Freedom wool (100m), with a 10mm hook.  Make a foundation chain so it's big enough to fit over your head and is divisable by 4 (I did 72).  Join, making sure you don't twist the chain, then turn (picture 1).

 (picture 2)

 (picture 3)

Round 1.  *Chain 4 (picture 2), then join this to the foundation chain 4 links along (picture 3)*. 

 (picture 4)

* Repeat to the end then join the last ch4 to the first chain in the very first ch4 you started the round with.  Slip stitch into the loop created (picture 5).

 (picture 5)

(picture 6)

Round 3 to end.  *chain 4, slip stitch into loop*  *repeat to the desired length of your cowl.

 (picture 7 - you can see the pattern beginning to form)

(picture 8)

To finish, slip stitch through loop then pull thread all the way through (picture 8).  Weave in ends.

(picture 9)

If this pattern makes any sense at all your cowl pattern should look like picture 9 ;o).  I've never written a pattern down before so let me know how you get on...please.


Dawn said...

Beautiful pattern with that yarn x

sara said...

Hi Shell, my crochet is not brilliant but I think I may have to have a stab at this pattern, thanks for putting up the tutorial. x

Friday's Child said...

Ooh that yarn. It's looks so silky soft and the colours .....*drool* ;)