'If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.' Thomas Edison

28 February 2009

Couple more done (or, I'm rubbish at titles!)

Done the gnomes and a made a suprise for someone. That's something else off the list (although these haven't actually been on there for long).

My Spring Season Table Swap

This is the first part of my swap - a beeswax egg candle. I broke the top off one of our eggs (we have chickens) then emptied the contents out. I then melted the wax over a pan of hot water and poured it into the egg. Once the wick was added I just allowed it to cool, then trimmed the wick.
I'm so mad as well because I forgot to photograph the other part which was a blossom fairy. I made it weeks and weeks ago so it got wrapped up ready - it wasn't until I was sticking the envelope up that I realised.

On a roll

So far today I've managed to make some lipsalve and the second part of the GP season table swap. Swap pictures will be up in March, after the actual swap, but these two pictures are from the lipsalve making. I've used beeswax, cocoa butter and extra virgin olive oil - not sure whether I should have but they feel lovely on my lips :-). I think I should have paid attention to how much of each I used as well, but that serves me right for trying to do it while making the lunch!

27 February 2009

One more thing done

I'm trying to do some of the things that have been on the list for months - today I managed to do the dressing up mask. I copied another that we already have - don't think I'll be doing another as the eye bits were a pain in the bum.

26 February 2009


Well I've not done any crafting for the last three days - I think that's the longest I've gone without doing anything for ages. I blame it on my hormones! My mood is up and down like a yo-yo waiting for...well you know what for.

I have some very exciting news though - I've been asked to make something - sorry, I'll start that again - I've been commissioned to make something 'Designed by Shell' (hehe). Thank you Claire for putting some faith in my abilities.

I've also decided that I'm not buying any craft items this month, so if I come and say I've bought something your allowed to tell me off ;-).

24 February 2009

Smiles through the post

The GP forum LETS scheme offers plenty of guilt free spending as well as a chance to earn credits. Here's one of my 'purchases' from the lovely Sarah - some chinese brocade fabric.

These other items were included in the parcel - thank you so much, your too kind.

Here's another one of my 'purchases' (how nice that they all arrive on the same day) - a gorgeous daffodil child made from felt. She is sooo beautiful - thank you SF.

And lastly, I needed some more brooch pins so I ordered some from paper-and-string again - the service there is fantastic. Added a couple more items to make the parcel worthwhile you understand.

23 February 2009

Storage cans

I've been putting some snowdrops on my bedside table for the past couple of weeks as we have sooo many in the garden and I just love them. Unfortunately they had been sat in an old spice jar as I didn't have anything else small enough - that is until today :-). I've knitted a cover for the jar using some gorgeous Debbie Bliss SoHo wool. Quite pleased with it.

This evening I thought I'd start on the can cover as the tin has been sat on my little table looking at me for a while. I'm really pleased with this.

One more thing off my ever-growing list

This is the second card needed this month: this one if for my Mum's partner. I have cheated slightly and used a picture that my Mum had already coloured (it was amongst the craft things), but I think that T will not mind at all.
Just have to show you this new book coming out just in time for my birthday in August - can't wait.

22 February 2009

Forgot a couple of things...

Forgot to show you a couple of things earlier.

Mini monster for my niece.

Our painted Valentine hearts - the left one is done by Ds3 (aged 27months).

And, a new badge/brooch for Ds1 who wanted a star and not a circle.

Catching up...

I got an offer through with one of my other magazine's to subscribe to a craft magazine: 3 issues for £1 - how could I resist? The first issue arrived yesterday. I like some of the things in there but I was especially taken with the supplement on Alan Dart. These gnomes are just fabulous, I'll have to see if I can track down a pattern.
The other thing to arrive in the post yesterday was my photo book. After I'd ordered some photos I got a voucher for a free photobook. As I'd not even heard of these before I just did it on the photos from my blog because I didn't know what the quality was like. I'm very impressed - you can add text and put the photo's where you want, add different backgrounds, styles and edges. Now the kids can do some with their photos, and we can make project/themed books.

Last night I made 3 more brooches - 2 flowers and a leaf. I had to do another white one for the shops as my sister took the other one.

Mum's things

As I've spent the last few days talking about my Mum's craft things I thought I'd show you what I was getting anxious over. At the top are the brass stencils, then the parchment tools and then the tints and acrylics. I'm done talking about it now - thank you for listening.

20 February 2009


After finalling managing to speak to my sister and brother about Mums things, I've managed to convince them (sounds like I was brainwashing them but I wasn't) to let me buy the few things I would like and sell the rest as they both wanted. I feel like a weight has been lifted - I'm very, very happy - and it seems that my brother and sister will be happy once they've got some cash for their kids. I don't want to sound angry at them, they have their ways and I have mine, so we've all got the outcome we wanted. Woohoooooo.

Thank you for the comments as well, I'm so glad it wasn't just me that felt that way. Your support is much appreciated.

Another good thing this afternoon was my domain name at Misi was approved - yipee. Hubby made my banners and avatar for that one and for the one I've set up on Etsy. Just need to stock them now :-).

So, all in all the day has turned out fantastic.


My sister and I have been trying to sort out the last few craft bits of my Mum's. It's so difficult though. We've got the more difficult bits left, that we were going to leave at my house for us all to use when we needed, but it now seems that the other 2 want to sell them and then give the profits to the kids (my Mum's grandkids). After my sister left yesterday my mood dropped - I didn't realize why until I got into bed last night and had a sudden flash of inspiration. As I don't really want to sell all the items I could buy the bits I want from them, sell the other bits that we don't want and then still divide the cash with the other grandkids (my own kids will use the craft items with me). I've put the idea out there but am still waiting for a response.........

My sister thinks I'm clinging on to my Mum's things (maybe I am a little) and that Mum would want the grandkids to have the money but I think that she would have been much happier if the grandkids were using the craft items that she loved so much.

18 February 2009

Quick post

No photo's until tomorrow but I've finished the handwarmers and I've made 2 brooches for a member of the GP LETS scheme. I put them on there and wasn't sure whether anyone would want them but I've done 3 so that's great. Still waiting on MISI to confirm/deny me my domain name so I'm not putting anything in the shop yet.

17 February 2009


Right, this week I've been tagged twice, by Joxy and Claire for 2 different things. Firstly, the sixth picture from the sixth folder. This picture was taken by me - we thought we were going mad because we could hear bag pipes playing. When we looked out the window this is what we could see...

What a fantastic birthday present for someone (and for the rest of us who were listening).


My seconding tagging is from Claire - I have to list 8 random facts about myself.

  1. I have a tattoo of a cat on my right arm
  2. I am a Leo
  3. I am the eldest child
  4. I wish I could be the same person I was before my Mum died....but I can't
  5. I love trains
  6. I have a fear of falling
  7. I love being at home
  8. I love snowdrops

Now, I'm supposed to tag 8 people again but I think I will end up duplicating those who have been tagged already as I've read a few of these on the blogs I read, so I'm going to be a rebel and not tag ;-). Thanks Claire, that was difficult but good fun.

16 February 2009

Gnomes for Nephew

Made the gnomes for my nephew today. I've left the faces blank so my sister can put on what she likes.
I've also been setting up a MISI store today. Not sure whether that's being presumptuous of me, but if I don't give it a go I'll never know whether I can do it or not will I? Anyway, I'm waiting on a domain name, and hubby is going to help me elongate my picture for my shop (get me), then I'll be happy with it.

15 February 2009

More brooches!!

Another couple of brooches - a flower and a spiral for Ds2 who didn't want a flower!!

Just adding a different brooch

More brooches

Needed to make something quick last night so I made a couple more flower brooches. I've also been thinking of others I could do, so you may see more piccies later ;-).

14 February 2009

Look what arrived today

Actually the first thing didn't arrive in the post but I made it the other night.....another gnome. I love how the wool made the stripe on the rim of the hat.

The 2 things to arrive in the post was my Living Craft magazine - fantastic, and my Mum's plaque, which is fantastic as well but it should have been sent direct to my Nan's house so she can arrange fitting it with the parish clerk. Oh well. Since it came here, I've taken a couple of rubbings and a photograph. Now I just need to get it to my Nan's house.

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.
Me and the hubby decided that we would just get each cards this year, then at the end of the month we would try and have a day out together - with no children. Anyway, I'd made his card then last night I made hearts with a personal note on it for each of the men in the house. I then placed one of the bath melts in a tiny envelope, punched a hole through the heart and the envelope, threaded red wool through and then hung them on their bedroom doors waiting for morning. When hubby got in from work last night he informed me he'd not made/bought a card but would be spending the morning in the garage making me something. Now I know that these sorts of occasions just pop onto the calendar to surprise everyone, but aaaaaaarrrrgh. I get really upset when he doesn't make the effort - it's not like I ask for alot, I don't want roses or chocolates or champagne, just a hand-made card would be perfect. After nearly 20 years together you would think that he'd have learnt by now. I try not to let it bother me but I can't help it. I think I get so upset because my dad never made any effort with my Mum (for birthdays or christmas, let alone wedding anniversaries or Valentines Day) Anyway, sorry for ranting - after me being rather grumpy this morning he took the dog then disappeared into the garage. He came out an hour later with an apology and this........

.......... a beautiful wooden heart made by his own two hands. It's wonderful, so warm and smooth, perfect for stroking. Thank you so much - and sorry for being a grump.

12 February 2009

Meet the newest members of the family

Here they are.....2 are destined for a new home.....arn't they gorgeous ;-). I also made another brooch. Very simple, but I like it.
I also changed the name of the blog. Shell's crafting didn't seem right - I'm no good picking things like that so when I first started the blog that was the only thing I could think off. The name had been bothering me for ages.......then this morning the new one just came to me.

I've been naughty again....

I just can't seem to help myself ;-). They are so gorgeous, how can anyone resist! I know, I know...I really must resist. Buttons and felt from the wonderful Altered Element (in my defence the buttons in the packs were in the sale, so they were a bargain, right). Then some lovely 100% wool felt for the brooches I want to make and for the kids to use. Then the corks arrived from the wonderful Claire from the GP forum. Thanks very much - right off to knit some gnomes.

10 February 2009

More hearts

It's been a good day today - I've managed to do the heart bath melts as well. The sprinkles actually look really good. I've added lavender essential oil to some of them and left some plain for those that don't like lavender.