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27 April 2011

Special Offer

Special offer on the soap - 2 bars for £6 or 3 bars for £8, postage included. Go see :o)

A bit of alsorts

I can't believe it's been 10 days again since I last updated the blog! We had our first trip to the bootsales last weekend and a trip to the charity shops yesterday so I've had quite a few bargains. There's been some old cotton reels and some wool (I'm not even going to try apologising for those ;o) ), some clothes, some plant pot holders, the old candle holder (20p!!!) - all bargains really. I do love a bargain.

There was also the monthly trip to the farmers market which culminated in me nearly peeing my pants as I spotted a new stall containing hand-spun wool, handmade items made from said wool, sheepskins and a lady plying wool right there. The downside was I didn't have any time to stop and talk (other than to ask whether they would be there next month) or any spare cash to actually purchase anything. I'm counting down the days ;o).

Here's what I have on the go at the minute - this will be made into a bag for my sister-in-law for her birthday in June. And then this will be a scarf for my mother-in-law in November. The scarf is very tedious after doing the blanket where I didn't really have to think of what I was doing. I think that's why I needed to start on the bag. This will be lined with cotton, with a handle added.

There have been no more new people at the Knitter Natter group. I'm feeling very disheartened by it all to be perfectly honest (yes I know I'm being impatient) but it/I feel like it's just not enough. I'll give it a few more weeks then re-think things. I have heard of one in a town quite local to me that has just started. It's being run by the owner of a new wool shop so I may have to give that a go.

Hope everyone else is having a good time and the sun is shining wherever you are.

Wild garlic galore

Added to vegetable soup,

prawn and cashew nut curry,

and to the pizza. Yum, yum :o)

17 April 2011

Ta dah

I've finished the blanket (or bed scarf if you look through certain catalogues ;o) ). It's not really as big a blanket as I originally wanted but I didn't want to buy any more wool so it's now a snuggly thing for the sofa. Perfect, light-weight, long-enough-for-two.

It's approx. 80cm wide and over 2 metres in length. I've used 6 balls from the stash (don't know what they were as I was gifted them) and I've bought 2 balls of 100g wool. Both were stylecraft, one was a wool mix (dk) and the other was acrylic (4ply). Worked on a 6mm hook, just trebles. So it's cost me £3.45 altogether - a bargain :o).

12 April 2011


...got this in my shop! Talk about a long wait. Anyway, it's in now :o)
Just thought I'd show you these bargains too. Gaint buttons in the charity shop - 2 packs. And lots of ribbon from Boyes - only 40p a bundle.

For Mother's Day I got a new mug which came in this tin. While I was clearing out the area at the side of the couch I remember that bowl I made which I didn't like...

...you'd think I made it specifically for that wouldn't you? ;o). Looks so much better now.

Oh, and another use for the wild garlic. I added it to mayo and put it in my fish finger sandwiches at lunch time...mmmmmmmmmm.

11 April 2011


I wasn't sat there on my own...someone else came to Knitter Natters, woohooooo :o)

09 April 2011

Recipe: Easy Peasy Flatbreads

This recipe is so easy it's ridiculous :o)

2 cups plain flour

1 cup natural yogurt

good pinch of salt
extra flour for kneading/rolling
Mix the ingredients together in a bowl, really get your hands in. Once it's all in a lump take it out and knead it. You may find you will need to add more flour otherwise it will be too sticky. Once your satisfied that it feels all soft, make a longish sausage so you can cut it into 8 pieces. Roll out as thin as you dare then place on a hot (medium), dry frying pan or griddle. Cook for a few minutes on one side then turn it over and cook the other. While cooking the others I place the cooked ones in a clean cloth that I have folded over to keep them warm. You can add herbs or spices of your choosing depending on what you are serving them with. Yum, yum.

I've had these with curry (with nigella seeds added), with fajitas, with fish fingers stuck in them!, with houmous, with tuna/mayo.......anything you like.

Recipe: Wild Garlic Soup

I don't really do exact measurements when making something like this but here goes ;o)

good tablespoon oil/butter (whatever you use) for frying

1 large onion, chopped small

2 potatoes, peeled and diced

Approx 1 pint of good chicken/veg stock

large amount of wild garlic, washed

salt and pepper to taste

Soften the onion in the oil on a low heat. Next add your potatoes and stock then add your wild garlic (no need to chop as it will be blended). Bring to the boil then simmer until the potatoes are cooked. Add your seasoning then blitz with a blender (careful, it's hot ;o) ). Enjoy.
This recipe would work well with any wild greens - just make sure you have a good amount. You can also use cooked rice instead of the potato as this is just for thickening.

Ohhh and oops!

Oohhhh, or maybe mmmmm, or both?! We've been to the woods again. This time we came back with wild garlic, nettles and jack-by-the-hedge. So this afternoon I made some.....

...wild green's soup,

some nettle and jack-by-the-green flatbreads,

some wild garlic butter (which I then wrapped in 25g pieces in greaseproof paper and put in a box in the freezer),

and some fish cake mix ready for tea :o). I have still got enough wild garlic left to make some more soup and some flavoured oil.

Here's my blanket so far. I know this doesn't really give you any idea of size etc but I couldn't be bothered to unroll it! I'm loving the simple repetitiveness of this...just rows and rows of treble crochet. Now, do you wanna see the oops?

I wasn't supposed to be buying any more wool (other than a couple of balls to go with the blanket) but just look at all that...for a fiver!!!!!! All wool mixes too. Charity shops are great.

04 April 2011

And the morning after....

...I am making more notes on how to get people to the Knitter Natter group! Yes, I was sat there on my own, with my ginger ale and my notebook and pencil, writing ideas down, writing more places I could advertise, and drawing ideas for a logo. Ho hum!

This is a brooch I made for the MIL for Mothers Day - it's the same as the cat cards but I added an extra layer of felt for added stiffness. I have got quite a bit more done on the blanket but I think I shall go to town this morning to buy a bit more wool (so much for the stash busting).

Hope you have some lovely sunshine where you are :o)

02 April 2011

Sun, food and hookyness

Just look at this gorgeous sunset. This was a few nights ago, and it was beautiful, and a much deeper red than this photo shows. I just love how the sun always sets behind this huge tree and makes it black.

It's wild garlic season - yipee. I don't usually get to the woods this early to get some (ie before the flowers come out) but today has been so lovely that we went this afternoon. I came back with a huge haul, most of which went into this soup. I still have some left in the fridge though, so I may add it to some butter and freeze it so I have some for future use. Mind you, I'll definitely be going back to the woods for some more ;o).

And this is what I'll be taking to the first Knitter Natter group tomorrow. It's going to be a lightweight blanket but I'm stash busting and I want it to be fairly big so I may have to buy a few balls of 4ply. I'm using a 6mm hook so it's growing fairly quickly. I'm quite nervous about the group as I hadn't checked the calendar when I made the posters so I hadn't realised it was Mothers Day! Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I won't be sat there on my own ;o).