'If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.' Thomas Edison

29 April 2009

Negatives and positives

Thank you all for your comments, they are greatly appreciated. Now I need to look at positives as there are far too many negatives going on at the minute so you'll have to forgive my next indulgence.

My ivory mirasol t'ika arrived this morning. It looks like the colour of a wash cloth when it's on its own but when put with the green it looks gorgeous. I've got 7 squares done with is so far.
Now I know I said I wasn't ordering any more bits but I went to make some of the things that had popped into my head the other day, only to find that I didn't have any of the felt that I needed - I hadn't realised that I'd used so much of my stash. Anyway, I went on Altered Element and placed an order. The service there is fantastic - I ordered 2 days ago and it arrived at 10 this morning.

Jute ribbons.


Buttons (of course).

And the much needed felt - woohoooooo. Right, off to keep my hands busy and try and stop my mind from whirring.

28 April 2009

27 April 2009

Blanket update

Just a quick update - I've got 65 squares done so far, made up into 7 blocks with another pile waiting. Some of the blocks I've left space for an ivory square (when the wool arrives) so when I put them all together there will be random ivory ones everywhere.

25 April 2009

All sorts today

I've been making some brooch/keyring holders and sorting out my bits that I've made - adding labels, stickers and price tags. Quite pleased with them. I ordered some stickers from Moo a couple of weeks back which arrived a few days later. I didn't show you them because I wasn't overly happy with them (not the fault of Moo) - I have stuck them onto the card for now though.

This is a crochet cuff bracelet that I made. I've left this one plain but I may do some more with beads and sequins. I've also had some more ideas for tin covers so you may see some more of those in the next few days.

Lastly is the extra wool that I ordered from Getknitted. It is absolutely gorgeous. I have ordered the ivory as well so hopefully that will be here next week. Going to have to be really careful from now on with my spends as money is very tight - drop in wages while everything else goes up!! Hopefully I'll managed to sell some bits.

23 April 2009

So far

So it doesn't get overwhelming having a huge pile of granny squares piling up, I've been putting together blocks of 9 squares when I've done them. I've done these 2 this evening and I've managed a few more squares as well.

22 April 2009

Wool, hooks, lips

Yesterday I managed to make the lip balm for my sister and niece, only to forget to take a photo of it before I gave it to them. Never mind - got to make another one now as well, so I'll try and remember to get a piccie - they look so cute in the little 15ml jars.
While playing with the crocheting the other evening I inadvertedly managed to make part of my summer season swap ;-). I was so pleased, and suprised, but you'll just have to wait and see the piccie when we actually do the swap (not like me to be this organised).
Right, now to the really exciting stuff. The very naughty Becks posted a link on the GP forum to a sale over at getknitted.com - they had Mirasol T'ira for £2.00 a ball instead of £3.50. So off I went for a browse - and ended up ordering 8 balls. The above pictures show the wool - I am going to make a blanket for our bed. It is sooooooooo soft and gorgeous to work with. I've ordered 8 more balls today and I'm going to look for some ivory as well so I can have the odd different coloured square on the blanket. I've got 19 squares done already - they don't take long as they are only 3 rounds each. I've got some rather numb fingers though :-). Right - off to see if I can get some ivory.

20 April 2009


...........chicken pie and apple/raspberry pie. Thought I'd show you some different handmade stuff - the sort you can eat :-). I love the enamel tins I use in cooking, they remind me of my Nan.

19 April 2009


Me, being the impatient person that I am, stitched the granny squares together yesterday without blocking them. I'm still pleased with them, but I'm now berating myself for being so impatient. I put together the 4 remaining ones (there was 5 left but one has mysteriously wandered off) and then crocheted an edge with the remaining bit of wool.

While sat with poorly babe this evening I've been using the only crochet book (hooked on crochet by Candi Jensen) I have to actually learn new stitches. This is an American book so not sure what the English names would be. The above is triple crochet (tc) - didn't really like this one.

This one is double crochet (dc)- I like this one as it looks very neat.

This one is single crochet (sc), again very neat.

And lastly, we have half double crochet (hdc). This is what I have done on the granny squares without actually realising it. Explains why they are small ;-). Anyway, off to do some more as I'm finding it very addictive and theraputic.

16 April 2009


Ta Joxy, see I was so excited I forgot to tell you what I was going to do with them. As the only hook I have is a 10/3.25mm? then the squares are quite small (2 and a bit inches) so I was going to make a cushion with them - I'll need to back it with some fabric or I'm going to see if I can find a wool jumper in the charity shops to make a back with. Must keep a look out for crochet hooks as well.

Surprising myself

It's amazing the lack of confidence we have in our own abilities isn't it - I'm sure it's not just me. Well, I've surprised myself again by re-teaching myself how to crochet granny squares. My Mum taught me when I was in my teens, and thinking back it's probably 18 years since I last did any. She used to start me off and then pass it to me when there was 3 rounds - then I would just go round and round so it was a big square. Well, inspired by Claire, Becky, Joxy and Lucy, I got my hook out again on Tuesday. I've attempted this a couple of times already over the last few months but never mastered it - well, Tuesday was the night and I made 5 little squares using the bamboo wool that I got a few weeks ago. Amazing - I was so thrilled - my hubby knows I'm bonkers already but on Tuesday he was rolling his eyes ;-). Yesterday I sat and made another 22 and then this afternoon and this evening I've done another 3 (to finish the balls of wool) and then weaved all the ends in. Since this is my first go I'm going to do the blocking as well - might as well start as I mean to go on :-).

12 April 2009

I love these

Yesterday I spent 3 hours untangling and winding 4 balls of the wool that still adorns the rug in our lounge. In the evening I wanted to do something different so I got that pink dandelion/fairy material out and started these. A bit of wadding on the back, then highlighted areas using metallic threads and beads. I then stitched this onto some matching felt. I made one last night and two this afternoon while sat with poorly toddler. Then I added them onto card using double sided sticky tape and brads. Happy birthday Stamp, inner sheets and envelopes finished them off. Hopefully I'll do some more later as I'm really enjoying these and they look fab (much better in the flesh, so to speak). These will definitely be in the shops later on.
My sister has asked me to make some lipsalve for her and my niece so I'm going to try and get that done once I've found some small jars.

10 April 2009

Brooches and a pouch

I finished the pink brooch last night when I should have been in bed - stayed up far too late. Today I have made the phone pouch/case/thing and a blue button brooch. I have put the pink brooch on my coat for now (until I get some more green felt), the blue one is going in the shops.
The phone case is left without the drawstring at the moment until hubby decides whether he actually wants it or not. I managed to get the iron cross right by drawing round one he had (that I had forgotten about until he came home from work). They are stitched on both sides of the case.

09 April 2009

Extra season swap item

I know this has arrived now so I can show you. A spring lady made with a bendy wooden doll and felt clothes. I also sent one of the tiny knitted chicks.

Felt and buttons and bits

I made the green keyring last night - I just love all those buttons. It should go in the Misi/Etsy shops - think I'll have to do it straight after I've finished here otherwise it will end up on my keys.
Anyway, before hubby went to work he asked me to make him a felt bag/case for his phone. He wants an iron cross on the front and a drawstring top. I've made the bag part but I'm going to get him to draw me the iron cross bit as I'd hate to get it wrong (he's very big into old VWs and this is one of the prominent symbols) so I'll hopefully show you that tomorrow.
This evening I've also made the CND symbol keyring (after checking whether it is copyrighted) and I've started another button thing - not sure whether this one will be a brooch or a keyring. I'lll definitely be making the CND bit into brooches as well as I'm really pleased with how the first one turned out. I'm going to do different colours as well as I didn't just want to do the black/white one.

08 April 2009


Well, I've got most of the wool sorted out but there is still a small pile on my living room floor that needs untangling or pulling down and winding into balls. I also had to find a new box for my ribbon stash as I couldn't get the lid on the other one as there was too much in it. So this evening has been spent sorting through all the ribbons and making them look tidy (for 5 mins at least) and looking at the pile of wool wishing it would untangle itself.

GP LETS goodies

The lovely Joxy was offering crocheted eggs on the Green Parent LETS so I requested one. It arrived this afternoon with an extra treat in there too - they're both gorgeous and now adorn our season/nature table, thank you so much.

07 April 2009

Another keyring

This evening I've made another season table swap item for someone who didn't receive theirs and then I made another keyring. I'll show you the swap item in a few days just in case they check my blog.

Just a quickie.....

...to show you the finished keyring. Keychains arrived this morning so I promised myself once I'd cleaned the bathroom (I hate cleaning the bathroom) I would be allowed to do some sewing.

06 April 2009

Few things

Sat and made a few things this evening. I started by making a lavender heart for out bed. Not entirely happy with it - think it needs thicker material - but it will do for now. After that I played with some felt. I've made a start on another felt keyring. This one has a car on it (sorry about the piccies). I ordered some keychains off ebay last night, so I will finish it when they arrive. The second one is a brooch. I think I might go and change the other brooches as I much prefer them this way - they seem more robust somehow.

05 April 2009

Another keyring

Made this this morning while watching the grand prix. Enjoyed doing it as I like working with felt.

While I was making lunch a friend nipped in with 2 huge bags of wool. Her hubbies Nanna had died and they were sorting out her wool room. My wonderful friend mentioned I knit, so they sorted some out for me. Wonderful. Going to be spending the evening sorting through it all.