'If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.' Thomas Edison

28 February 2010

Rather embarrassing really

I needed something calming yesterday so I sorted out my material into cotton/poly-cotton/other type piles and then thought I'd start on some of the other shelves. The cross-stitch shelf has a fair amount of used patterns that I've kept, and a rather embarrassing amount of kits that I've started and haven't finished from the last 17 years! So to shame myself into finishing them (one day) I've added a new section to the side bar lists. Anyone else care to own up to half-completed, or barely started, crafts? Go on, make me feel better................please.

On a slightly better note, I found the above cross-stitch which used to hang in the living room when I lived with my Mum, which I am going to re-mount and hang in my new hallway. I also found the small embroidery which I didn't even know she had done - so this is the only example. This too will also hang in the hallway when I have mounted it properly. I'm going to use the embroidery hoops as I love to see them hanging on walls with embroidery in them.

And finally, one finished granny square blanket - yah. Although it's not very big (probably just over a metre square), it covers my legs when I'm sat on the couch, so that's big enough for me. Actually, if it were any bigger it would be very heavy as it's made from cotton rather than wool. It is lovely and soft though, so perfect for me.

23 February 2010

Squares and Blocks

These past few evenings I've been concentrating on finishing the granny square blanket. I've managed to finish 15 blocks, each having 9 squares, then edge the blocks with an extra row of trebles. Hopefully tomorrow I shall be weaving in the lose threads from the blocks then, maybe, I'll get to start fastening them all together.

Ways to keep the builders happy

(And the boys in the house) Jam tarts with homemade jam, mincemeat pastie, veinesse cookies and mini egg custards.

20 February 2010


I can show you the bag order now as I know it has been safely received.

17 February 2010


I still haven't had chance to do my soap yet, but I did find a pair of lovely pillow cases in the charity shop yesterday for 10p each. Bargain fabric.

My sister came for the day on Sunday and asked me to make her these - transportable naughty steps! Not quite sure whether I agree with them but anyway.

And the fabric I bought off ebay finally arrived yesterday. This is for a bag order and the little girl in question likes ballet/dancing, so hopefully this will be ok. I set to last night on the bag and nearly got it finished - so that's where I'm going right now ;-).

11 February 2010


I ordered some essential oils last week that I need for my soap. All I need now is a child-free couple of hours (think caustic soda and a three year old!) and I'm all set ;-)
p.s. the mustard foot oil is helping so I'll keep using it.

06 February 2010

Waiting for Spring

I sat and made this Cherry Blossom Fairy last night - just waiting for spring now so she can sit on the season table.

Hot, hot, hot....hopefully

I suffer with chilblains on my feet if the weather is particularly bad, but this year, because of the building works in the house, my feet have been awful. I found a recipe for foot oil in Grow your own Drugs so I thought I'd give it a go. I'll let you know how I get on.

05 February 2010

Where is the time going?

I've actually managed to do some crafting! Another heart, and I've finished the first part of the GP season swap but I can't show you it as the recipient may see it. That is very frustrating as it's something I've not done before and I really want it to show you but I can't - I'm really quite pleased with how it's turned out.

I forgot to show you the books on my kitchen side as well - some of my cooking books. The one used the most is my Mum's old bero book, then the Delia book (although I fell out with her over her last series on TV), then the River cottage family cookbook. I tend not to follow recipes exactly (just like my crafting really) but I do love to drool over the pictures ;-). You'll have to excuse the dust - I would blame the builders as there is more than normal, but really I hate dusting.