'If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.' Thomas Edison

30 August 2012

Something for the house

With the sewing machine out for Handmade Haven jobs we (JJ and myself) thought we'd make the fabric he choose into a pillowcase for his bed.  It's not very often I get the time to make something for us at the minute and this was relatively quick.  

28 August 2012


Another busy week here.  Orders for Handmade Haven are constant at the minute, which is great, but means I have to try and fit everything around family life in the summer holidays.  I did manage a day out to see my wonderful Nan who I hadn't seen in a few months.  We had a wonderful lunch and a catch up and she gave me a carrier bag filled with treasure.  When I got it home and looked through it was full of tiny beads that she can no longer see for her sewing.  At 84 she is still sewing things but she has taught herself to knit as well, so she still has something to do :o)  Such an inspiration!

19 August 2012

A bit of Vintage

Another hectic week filled with Fairs, orders, a birthday (mine) and fab finds in the charity shop.  JJ came with me for the first time to a fair as the hubby was in bed following a night shift.  He took these two piccies before the camera batteries died.

We managed a quick trawl of the local charity shops in the week where I managed to find a couple of tops for myself and these fabulous wooden reels that someone has refilled with embroidery floss..fantastic.  I'm really busy with orders at the minute and the sun is shining too, so I'll pop back as soon as I can :o)

08 August 2012

I'm really bad aren't I?!  I thought it had only been a week since I last posted not two!!... that's the pitfalls of having two blogs I suppose.

The spotty boy is all cleared up and back to his usual self.  We've had a few days out, and I've got a new bike so we're going for small bike rides as well.  He wants to ride to school one day which is ok for me but 3.5 miles is a long way for a small boy :o).  We'll build up steadily and maybe do it at home time instead of at the start of the school day ;o)

I was very excited to receive the above book from Amazon last week.  It's a book I used to borrow from the library when the youngest two were small, and then I couldn't find it when JJ was born.  I'd trawled the internet, had Waterstones search and even had a saved search on ebay, but nothing came up.  I'd given up to be perfectly honest but then a couple of weeks ago the title jumped into my head again so I had a quick search on Amazon and there it was...for 1p!!  I love its rhyming text, and I love giraffes so it's a win win for me.  I also got this one in a charity shop and was reminded of the lovely Jacqui on her Croft :o)  Another beautiful story.

JJ has been joining in when I've been sewing...here's his first bauble for Christmas.  I've also managed to make something for myself too.  I can't remember the last time I did that!  I wanted a bag that I could use on days out as I usually use a big hessian shopping bag which is not very pretty.  I made this out of scraps left over from the skirt I made last year, which make up the liner, then a full piece for the outside and the handle. It's very comfy, fitting snuggly under the arm, into my side, which is just perfect.  Right, I have a cycling date with a small boy, so I'll see you all soon.  Hope your all having a fab summer.