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15 March 2011

What to do with 5!! mangos and very little time?!

FIL brought a large bag of fruit that he'd bought from a sunday market which included 5 very ripe mangos, so I had to think of something that would use them quickly! I had suggestions from the lovely ladies on The Green Spirit Forum, but in the end I went for mango and coconut ice cream as I'd been delivering my posters, then had to make pizza for tea. I made the recipe up and it's not a 'proper' ice cream, but oh my goodness it was delicious :-
3 mangos (that's about the quantity I ended up with out of the 5 due to bruising and stuff)
1 small can coconut milk (just the white creamy bit, not the clear liquid)
2 desert spoons icing sugar (sweeten to taste)
I blended the mangos with a stick blender, then stirred in the coconut milk carefully, then the sugar. I have an ice-maker, but you can put it tin the freezer, stirring every couple of hours to even out the crystals.

I think I can safely show you my season swap items (fingers crossed but I don't think the recipient reads my blog). One basket with 3 eggs (the lady has 3 children) and one duckling. I made them all up as usual :o).


Miss Bliss said...

Yummy ice-cream! Loving the season swap craft too :) xxx

Dawn said...

I love the basket, sadly it seems I'm not your season swap partner then ;) Lovely, I'm sure the recipient will love it. Must get mine posted to day actually.

Pippa said...

That little basket of eggs and duckling is too cute!! I can imagine how delighted your recipient will be when they unwrap that!! xxx

Heather said...

That ice cream looks and sounds SO good - love the idea of using coconut milk. I'm going to put that on the must try list for summertime. Thank you!