'If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.' Thomas Edison

30 November 2011

The trouble with driving...

...is the amount of time spent out of the house, meaning that hardly anything gets done!!  I honestly don't know what I've been doing these past few weeks.  Christmas seems to be creeping up far too fast for my liking.  I have done a fair bit of gift buying (the joys of having children who are still easily pleased by Lego!) but I really must get on with the cake, puddings and mincemeat side of things.  I did actually manage some baking yesterday.  This has got to be the first time in months...shame on me. 

I did manage to get my doilies starched a couple of days ago, now I just need to wash the windows before I hang them up.  Right, must go get ready as I've got someone coming to pick up an order in an hour and it's not very professional to hand it out whilst still in my dressing gown ;o).

16 November 2011


Well hello... it's been a busy week again.  I've been making a new batch of soap everyday for the last few days.  I've also been out driving, which I'm loving!  I've had a lovely day out with my sister and our two youngest kids.  And this morning the youngest and I went trawling the local charity shops.  I had a good little haul - the above mini doilies were 10p each and I'm going to spray them with starch and hang them from the windows as snow flakes.  This book was 60p.......60p!!!!  How mad is that?!It's full of information - fab for my soap making.

I also got this blue valance (much nicer blue in the flesh) for £1.  I'll use this for material. 

I've also been making a new Christmas Decoration which is on the other blog (as the photo is on the other computer).  I'll hopefully get some more of those done, and I've got an idea for a new card too.  I should probably be doing some housework too, but what the heck...sewing and soap making are much more fun :o)

08 November 2011

What have I been doing?

What have I been doing?  Do you know what..I couldn't even tell you?  The days are just whizzing by aren't they.  I'm sure everyone must be feeling it!  I can tell you what we did today though ;o).  We went to visit my lovely Nan, who cooked us lunch, then we went to see the Seals at Donna Nook which is just up the road from hers.   It was a wonderful sight seeing them all and listening to the noises they make.  The pup in the first picture isn't very old as you can still see the umbilical cord.

Oh..we were invited to a lovely bonfire party on Sunday evening.  We all had a fabulous time with wonderful food, wonderful friends and a bonfire and fireworks.  I drove there too (and home in the dark) which was great.  I'm trying to get out as much as I can - today was the furthest I have driven, with big ditches and narrow roads! 

I've hardly done any crafting though...the crochet scarf which was going to be for the MILs birthday will now be a Christmas present!  I did manage to make a big batch of butternut squash soup yesterday (see above) but it has been noted by several members of the household that the cake tins have been empty for far too long.  Looks like I need to pull my socks up ;o).