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08 July 2009

San Pro Pad Tutorial

I thought I'd do this quick tutorial on the san pro pads as I find these the best ones to use. This is the pattern I use. The main pieces measure 6cm x 17cm. The flap piece measures 5.5cm. You will need one each of the main pieces (one top, one each of the bottom pieces and then two of the flap). The flap piece is folded along the line to make a triangle. If you want me to send you exact copies of the pattern contact me at my email address shell.good@btinternet.com.

Once I had uploaded all this I realised that the patterned material does not take good pictures for showing up the details properly so I apologise and hope that you still get the gist of things ;-).

When I pin the pattern to the fabric to cut it out I leave about 1cm round the edge but I am never precise about it.

Once I have cut out the pieces I put the top piece and the two flap pieces to one side. With the two bottom pieces I then make 3 small cuts into the curve of the fabric to make it easier to fold and hem it.

Here they are pinned from the wrong side and the right side. I never tack them either, I just take the pins out as I machine it.

Here they are all stitched.

When you put the two bottom pieces together they will like the paper pattern, so that they overlap each other.

Now take you two flap pieces, fold along the centre (ws out) so you have a triangle then stitch along the long side. You don't need to bother stitching the bottom as this will be the bit that is stitched when you put them all together. Turn them the right side out.

Now take the top piece so that the right side is facing you. Place the two triangle flaps in the centre of the top piece so that the open edges are facing the edge and the points overlap in the middle.

Now gently place the two bottom pieces (already overlapping) on top of the bottom/flap pieces.

Carefully pin them all together.

Stitch them all together, taking care around the curved ends.

Turn the right side out. The top.

The underside. I still use the old fashioned press studs that you have to stitch on as I find them to be the most secure way of keeping them in my pants (sorry TMI). I know you can get a tool for putting press studs in though, so which ever way you find best for you. The press studs are then stitched onto the flaps so that they fasten together under the gusset.

The opening. I have a variety of terry pads that I use, according to size. I use old terry nappies, cut and folded according to how thick/long I want them, then add a piece of cotton on the bottom then stitch round the edge to keep it all together. I don't tidy the edges of them or anything as I think it makes them too bulky and uncomfortable (there's only me going to see them anyway ;-) ).

I hope this makes some sense - if not please contact me and I'll see what I can do :-).


Pippa said...

Brilliant!! Really clear instructions, thank you!!

Unknown said...

Just wondering if you would possibly make me some for some greenies? If you need material etc let me know. Im x