'If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.' Thomas Edison

31 July 2010


............I could spend hours looking (and stroking) my new pile of felt. I only use pure wool felt, bought from Myriad, as it feels lovely, looks lovely, and is very easy to work with. Mmmmm.

I've had another order for felt food and a bag this weekend and decided to try a couple of new things to go in it. Can you tell what they are? (I really hope you can otherwise I'm buggered ;o) ). And here's all the pieces together ready for the bag.

Hope your all having a lovely weekend whatever your doing :o).

30 July 2010

Free (pt 2)

Claire gave me the idea of collecting the wheat/barley from the harvested fields - so here's the chickens enjoying a free snack. While we're on the subject of the chickens I thought I'd show you where they lay..........

.....nothing in here!

Shall I show you where they actually lay (and I think I'd be more inclined to lay here too)......

......take a peek. It's an absolute bugger to reach under here but the smell from the honeysuckle makes up for it ;o).

Free - from my Dad's garden yesterday. I had run out, and my crop this year is rubbish, so this is perfect.

Then on the way home, while we were looking at the fishes and dragonflies in a large ditch we spotted these.....

.....cherries!! The trees have been covered this year but I've never had a suitable recepticle to carry them home in before. I had to wrap the lavender in my cardigan and then used my bag to bring these home. They taste delicious - not sour at all.
Thank you for all the lovely comments over the last few posts - it's lovely to get some feedback. Scented Sweetpeas - if only I'd read your comment a few hours earlier - I might have had those peaceful feelings all day long then ;o).

29 July 2010


Today feels very peaceful - or I feel at peace - not sure which really, but it is lovely. My Dad has got back from his enforced stay in France, so I've decided we are going to see him later. Build bridges.
I can hear the birds singing, the tractors and combine harvesters working all hours, the bin men emptying the recycling boxes, the odd car on the main road - it's peaceful.
Three of my boys are in bed - one off a night shift, two from a late evening out at the beach having a barbegue in the rain with our fellow vw club members - the other is sat on my knee having cuddles and helping with this post.

I have made the felt food and bag that has been on my list for months - it was not needed until next month but I really should have done it before now. It feels good to have it finished (and delivered). I have made lavender sugar after reading it on a blog somewhere (can't remember where, but thank you to whoever you are).
It is good at this moment - I will try and remember this feeling later when it's not quite so peaceful ;0).

26 July 2010

Piccies :o)

8 baby mice relocated from our shed!

Needlecases and my pin cushion.


Crocheted Hairband.

San pro pockets.


25 July 2010

Just a quickie

Haven't got the piccies done yet (been too busy this weekend) but I just wanted to show you this new shop from the lovely Pippa. Go take a look :o)

23 July 2010

Productive Day

Crocheted hairband - halfway -- ALL DONE
Bunting - cut and pinned ready -- ALL DONE
Pin cushion - cut and pinned ready -- ALL DONE
Needlebooks - cut and pinned ready -- JUST NEED FELT INNER
Decorated bags - 3 decorated, 1 inner cut and pinned, 1 outer cut ready -- 3 FINISHED, 1 OUTER CUT READY
16 San Pro Pockets - cut and pinned ready -- ALL DONE
Such a fab day. Hubby took the kids out to the pictures to watch Toy Story 3 so I had the house to myself for a few hours. Got alot of the above done while they were out, then I've managed a few bits while they've been playing. A good, good day. There'll be piccies tomorrow when the light is better. Hope everyone else had a good day.

21 July 2010


I seem to have been gone a few days!!! Only just beginning to feel 'normal' (if there is such a thing) after the new moon. I think it helps that my Dad is stuck in France (dog passport issues) so he's not always on my mind, so to speak. Anyway, the above is what I've been doing today - san pro pockets, needle case covers and a new pin cushion for me, all ready for my sewing machine day on Friday (hubby and the kids are going to see Toy Story 3 so I will have the house to myself).

The last few evenings I've been sat making some new keyrings. I wasn't sure what I wanted to put on them so I started by cutting out the rectangles then just went with what popped into my head!

Last week I went on a wet felting course - very good it was too. I made the above flower and three small balls. When I attempted balls at home I always ended up with a crack on it somewhere - well not anymore.

And, just because there is always a rainbow somewhere............

13 July 2010


This year I just feel a little 'lost' - spiritually mainly. I have never been religious but the older I get the more I need something. I'm delving into paganism to try and help my searching. I think I would like to visit a medium too.

I'm also finding that the moon plays a huge part on my emotions/hormones. I've been meaning to record my menstrual cycle with the moon but I haven't got around to it yet - must make the effort this evening. With this new moon my emotions have been all over the place, especially with regards my Dad. I don't really know how to explain the relationship I have with him (and you'll have to forgive my ramblings but it's eating away at me) suffice to say I'm angry, disappointed and sad. I wish I had the courage to tell him how he's hurt me over the years but I know he'll just never talk to me again and that's not what I want. It's funny how you read about child abuse; how hitting children it wrong; but I've found that's it's always the little things which have upset me (or maybe they aren't really that small in hindsight!). I don't know. I think I'll have to write some of them down somewhere - at least let them out of my head and heart before it does anymore damage.

10 July 2010


We had one of these humming bees in our garden the other day - amazing - and very big.

09 July 2010

Bit of everything

Something different for the shop (when I get the time to put it in!)

Gift bags (again, for the shop)

Charity shop bargain - 2 M&S pillowcases in gorgeous fabric, for 50p.

And Free - who needs to buy flowers when we can get these for nothing?!

06 July 2010

Trying to be busy

The one on the left was for my neice's 13th birthday last week and the one on the right is to go in the shop. I'm trying to be busy with the crafty stuff, especially as the craft fair is only 7 weeks away (eek) but the weather doesn't really help. I know I shouldn't complain but, hey, I'm British so I think that means I'm allowed ;o).

Can you see the concentration on my face - tongue nearly out and everything. JJ got hold of the camera while I was tying raffia on some soap.

I've managed to make these 6 fabric boxes today and....

....this bag yesterday. Made with a re-purposed denim skirt and belt buckle. Lovely and lightweight, lined too. Try and get it in the shop tomorrow. I've also made some medium sized gift bags and another crocheted brooch, but I forgot to take the pictures before the light got too low. Hope everyone else is busy (or not) doing things they love.

03 July 2010


Pine cones collected for a display.

Eggs from the chickens cooking for tea.

Wild rose buds dried ready for use.

Foraged chamomile ready for drying.

My very first raspberries from the plants given to me by my Nan.


The best things really are free :0)