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23 January 2009

Re-melting candles

Boiling water with a pastry cutter sat in the bottom to stop the glass candle jar from cracking.

Candle happily melting away sat on top of the pastry cutter. If you've got odd bits of candles you could melt them directly into the jam jar you are going to keep them in and then add the wick once you have taken the jar out of the water.

Once it had melted I put on the oven gloves and poured it into this old golden syrup tin (jam jars will work just as well). I had tied the wick to a spoon to stop it from falling into the wax while it cooled, and then laid the spoon across the top of the tin.

To help it cool down quicker I stood the tin in a pan of cold water (not necessary at all).

Voila - one candle ready to use.


Anonymous said...

I love the Golden Syrup tin, lovely idea! If you melt the wax in a can rather than a glass you don't need to worry about glass cracking and can do away with the cookie cutter. Unless as you say you are leaving the wax in the jar.
I'm hoping to expand my new candle making hobby this year, it's so addictive!

bears footprints said...

like wise i love the syrups tins,dont know what it is prehaps its because the design hasnt changed much since i was a little girl. Great way to use your odd bits of candles, one day i will give it ago x