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06 January 2009

I've made bath melts!!!!!

sprinkled the lavendar and added the essential oil

the lavendar essential oil and the cocoa butter

melting (did it bain marie style so I didn't burn the butter)

poured into the tray (I even managed to get the purfect amount of cocoa butter for the moulds)

After they've been in the fridge for 20 mins

That was so easy and they look fabulous......thanks again Mamauk.
Bath Melts

Cocoa butter, lavender Essential Oil and dried lavender flowers (or other dried flowers)
~Melt the coco butter very gently.
~Using a silicone (pop out) ice cube tray fill the shapes half full with dried flowers (use rose petals etc if you have them instead) pour the liquid coco butter in and add one to two drops of your essential oil to each mold.
~Pop in the fridge until set. ~That is it! Easy peasy! Throw one in the bath for luxuriously soft skin!

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