'If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.' Thomas Edison

16 November 2011


Well hello... it's been a busy week again.  I've been making a new batch of soap everyday for the last few days.  I've also been out driving, which I'm loving!  I've had a lovely day out with my sister and our two youngest kids.  And this morning the youngest and I went trawling the local charity shops.  I had a good little haul - the above mini doilies were 10p each and I'm going to spray them with starch and hang them from the windows as snow flakes.  This book was 60p.......60p!!!!  How mad is that?!It's full of information - fab for my soap making.

I also got this blue valance (much nicer blue in the flesh) for £1.  I'll use this for material. 

I've also been making a new Christmas Decoration which is on the other blog (as the photo is on the other computer).  I'll hopefully get some more of those done, and I've got an idea for a new card too.  I should probably be doing some housework too, but what the heck...sewing and soap making are much more fun :o)


Pippa said...

I wish you wouldn't use language like that. 'Housework' has no place in a crafting lady's life, it's just a waste of time when there is so much more interesting stuff to do! And you only have to do it all again in another three months!!

Glad you're enjoying driving. I love it when I have the car to myself and I can stick my music on and have a good old sing'a'long - loudly!! I once drove from Doncaster to Spalding, singing my head off to Nina Cherry and lost my voice by the time I got out the car. (that's an embarrassing thing to fess up to!!)


Jenevieve said...

Glad the driving is going well, it's nice to be able to get around so easily! Love the doilies as snowflakes idea, they will be fab! :) x

Becks said...

So pleased you are enjoying driving. I really need t get back into it. The doilies are lovely, what a fab and bargainous decoration they will make.

Heather said...

What a brilliant idea for the doilies!! I've passed them up many times in thrift stores because I don't know what I'd use them for (and I'd hate to see someone's handy work not being used/displayed). Now I wish I'd bought some. Hmmm, will be on the lookout next time. I do love making paper snowflakes but your idea would be so fun and look so great too.