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12 May 2012

Hand Cream and Bed Mat!

This is the empty pot from when I first made my own hand cream.  I finished it a few nights ago then decided at 10 last night I really needed to make some more!  So out came all my ingredients and bits.

The white stuff is emulsifying wax dissolving in warmed rose water and the yellow stuff is beeswax, cocoa butter and some oils I had left over from a batch of salt scrub (the exact amount I needed too!!!), melting in a bowl on a pan of hot water.

Next you slowing combine the two together until you get some scrummy cream.  At one point I was mixing rather too vigorously and it all separated, but it did come together again :o).  I'm very pleased to say that it actually looks like the picture in the book this time.  It was quite funny checking when I made my first lot - 18months ago - as the recipe says to keep it in the fridge and it'll only keep for 2 months!  Maybe as it's all mixed together properly this time it might ;o).

I also made this bed mat.  We still have a boy who needs nappies at night, and which sometimes leak so something was needed to save the mattress.  I have some PUL from making my own cloth pads so I thought I'd make a pad with that in, an old terry nappy and an old sheet.  Hopefully this will work...and maybe one day we won't need it at all!  Anyway, it was great to actually make something for us rather than for the shop.  I may try some pyjama pants for the littliest boy later, although I do need to make some soap too as stocks are running rather low.  Thank you for your comments on my attempt at needle felting...I did really enjoy it.  Not sure what I'm going to do with the piccie though - maybe it could go on a card for my Nan.

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fluffydog said...

Can I ask where you got your PUL from ? My son also wears nappies in bed at night and if he has a sleep at lunch time when he has started taking his nappy off and I would like to use something on the bed to protect it from accidents.

Thanks Morag