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08 August 2012

I'm really bad aren't I?!  I thought it had only been a week since I last posted not two!!... that's the pitfalls of having two blogs I suppose.

The spotty boy is all cleared up and back to his usual self.  We've had a few days out, and I've got a new bike so we're going for small bike rides as well.  He wants to ride to school one day which is ok for me but 3.5 miles is a long way for a small boy :o).  We'll build up steadily and maybe do it at home time instead of at the start of the school day ;o)

I was very excited to receive the above book from Amazon last week.  It's a book I used to borrow from the library when the youngest two were small, and then I couldn't find it when JJ was born.  I'd trawled the internet, had Waterstones search and even had a saved search on ebay, but nothing came up.  I'd given up to be perfectly honest but then a couple of weeks ago the title jumped into my head again so I had a quick search on Amazon and there it was...for 1p!!  I love its rhyming text, and I love giraffes so it's a win win for me.  I also got this one in a charity shop and was reminded of the lovely Jacqui on her Croft :o)  Another beautiful story.

JJ has been joining in when I've been sewing...here's his first bauble for Christmas.  I've also managed to make something for myself too.  I can't remember the last time I did that!  I wanted a bag that I could use on days out as I usually use a big hessian shopping bag which is not very pretty.  I made this out of scraps left over from the skirt I made last year, which make up the liner, then a full piece for the outside and the handle. It's very comfy, fitting snuggly under the arm, into my side, which is just perfect.  Right, I have a cycling date with a small boy, so I'll see you all soon.  Hope your all having a fab summer.

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arwen_tiw said...

We looove Kim Lewis's books! :)