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13 July 2009


Made some small lavender sachets and a birthday card for the shop yesterday. Also made a congratulations card which I will show you later in the week.

I've been and harvested my Dad's lavender plants today. When I got home I made a lavendar wand which is hanging in my wardrobe and then I tied the others together for hanging and drying. I'm hoping to make a few things from them once dried.


Jacqui said...

I love lavender - I am a compulsive lavender plant buyer! I must get some harvested soon. I am going to make a lavender oil and a potion with shea butter this year. xxx

Pippa said...

Yes, harvesting lavender is very rewarding. Mine has all been smothered by the borage this year, so I won't have as much to dry.

Shirl said...

Lovely items. I find lavender very calming, the smell is gorgeous.

Shirl x