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19 July 2009

Daytime crafting :-)

After doing a little bit of housework this morning I sat for 45 mins and made 4 cards with the lavender I dried the other day. I lined them with lavender drawer liners so they smell lovely and have pictures of lavender inside as well. One of these is for an August birthday.

While sat with JJ this afternoon I made a pen pot for our computer table, then after tea I sat and made these bean bags with tails.

There are actually 5 of these but one 'accidentally' landed in the potty! Now, as they are filled with green lentils I'm not sure whether it will survive the rinse under the tap :-/.


thayoden said...

yea, nice potty drop, :-)

Pippa said...

Potties are always in the wrong place at the wrong time aren't they!!

The crocheted cushion is lovely, I love the colours and button fastening, really pretty.