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15 June 2010

The good and the bad

Three birthday cards down, three to go!

Foraged chamomile.

One more tin for the shop.


And the bad...wild rose petal jam. The petals wouldn't dissolve, I stupidly added a bit more sugar when I shouldn't have so it's crystalised, so a bit of a disaster really. It did smell lovely while it was cooking though ;-)
I'm currently making some more elderflower cordial and the green parent summer season swap, plus three more cards to make before the weekend, and more stock for the shop. Off to see Green Day this weekend, I'm so excited!!!!!!!


Dawn said...

Shame about the rose petal jam - I can imagine it would smell lovely.

Have a great timne seeing Green Day, have seen them many many times since they first came to the UK - always put on a great show! Have a fantastic time xxx

Danigirl said...

Am so jelous about green day - can't wait till Meg is big enough for gigs, hope you have a fab time xx

Big mamma frog said...

Went with ds1 and a few others to see Green Day at O2 Arena in London in December. Absolutely the best! What a thing to say, that your first gig (at age 11) was Green Day!

(I think my first gig was Depeche Mode, Brighton, age 15)