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13 February 2011

Thought I'd better say hello :o)

Hope everyone is ok and enjoying the brief spells of sunshine. Hubby and I were at a wedding on Monday, hence the card above. It was lovely to be out doing something different, but not much else exciting happening this week. We all have colds and the associated rubbish that comes with that so I have spent the last 3 days sorting through all the books in the living room and putting some aside for the home ed group book swap we shall be having for world book day at the beginning of march. You wouldn't think that took so much energy but it has done! Never mind, one more lot of sorting stuff done now :o). I did manage to make this necklace Wednesday evening. Wish I'd had some more larger beads so it was alternated all the way along, but I love it anyway.

I'm so excited as I'm going to my first festival (other than VWs) later in the year. I'll have to take the kids and all the camping stuff on the train as hubby is working but I'm so, so looking forward to it. Anyone else fancy Barefoot?

Off to collapse on the sofa now with a cuppa, the littliest poorly boy and the film Up.


Rebecca said...

Boo to the colds, hope you're feeling better soon.
We love the film UP here, always cheers us up.
Loving too, your new header.
Get well vibes heading your way.

Dawn said...

Hope you're all feeling better soon, Up is fantastic - a favourite around here, we've just finished watching Toy Story 3.

The festival sounds lovely, a bit far away for us though but would love to hear all about it after you've been this year x

take care x

Pippa said...

That necklace is beautiful, really cheerful and tactile.

Colds here too. Cough, cough, cough from me until I'm almost sick, not nice. And now I have a headache from all the coughing.

Nice you have the festival to look forward to. A friend of mine is often trying to persuade me to go to festivals with her. I'm a bit of a camping coward I have to say, but it looks fun. xxxx

sue said...

Ooooo gorgeousness..felt beads! :)

Barefoot sounds good.