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09 May 2011

Random assortment of joys :o)

Not something I usually do but here's a few random piccies of the last few weeks. A fresh rabbit hole discovered on a walk.

My boys climbing in a jeep at the fabulous Eden Camp - well worth a day out if your up this way.

A free exhibition by a fabulous talent (his first exhibition too) at the local library. Wonderful stories to go with the pictures.

One of the exhibits at a fabulous art gallery which is super child friendly. You could use the pedals to make the grasshopper pedal the bike - just wonderful.

The joys of hubby's work allowing the armed forces to use one of their fields for practise manoevres - we've been 100 yards away on previous occassions.

Free food growing from a purchased bag of salad. As soon as I saw the roots on this snippet of watercress I stuck it in a tub of water. It's now growing happily on my windowsill.

Oops, wild garlic ;o).

Wouldn't say this was a joy exactly but the help I got from The Green Spirit Forum to try and ease the conifer rash was.

And lastly, the joys of presents left on the living room floor by one of the cats. Hope your days are filled with joyful things. xxx

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