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18 May 2011

Something a little different

I love the Harry Potter books and films and wanted to make something to put on the wall with the words "Severus...please..." (if you've read the books or watched the films you will know the significance of those two words) so I searched for a couple of images I could use to make a small needlework piece. Not something I would usually do but I really enjoyed it. I traced the image onto some thin tissue paper then pinned it onto my fabric. Then I stitched along the lines then tore the paper off, very carefully. I really need to learn how to do some proper embroidery stitches so the doe can be more than an outline, but this will do for now. Just got to trim the fabric and finish of the back then I'll hang it up in this hoop.


The Barefoot Crofter said...

Beautiful - it looks so delicate, and using the tissue paper is a great idea. Will you hang it up in the hoop?
I have only read the first 3 books, so the significance escapes me though :)

Anonymous said...

wow shell, this is fantastic!

i'd like to have a go at this sometime:) thanks for sharing the process xx

p.s. we're enjoying your lovely soaps. loving the chamomile at the mo.

Claire said...

That is so effective. Might have a go at that myself for something I am wanting for the dining room.

bears footprints said...

so simple but purfect. strange thing though ihave just been on a eco site and i thought i reconised this person as it was you he he

Lady Green said...

Ooohhh pretty - likey muchly :) See you this week! xxx