'If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.' Thomas Edison

10 October 2011


Where has the week gone again!  We've had a whole week sat at the table and it's fabulous.  I've had more driving lessons...and booked my test for the end of the month, eeeekkkk.  I've done lots of sewing, website changing, and waiting for deliveries so I can get on with the new soap varieties over at Handmade Haven.

It's hubby's birthday today so I made his card yesterday while he was at work.  Today I shall be making tea for the stream of people that will be in and out, I'll be trying to ignore the lounge that still looks like a storeroom because of the kitchen, and I'll be making homemade pizza for tea.  Doesn't sound too bad (especially if I manage to make some soap too).


Becks said...

Ooh good luck for your driving test, you got there quickly! Hope your day goes as planned today and you get all you hope done.

Making it vintage said...

The very best of luck for your driving test, love your hubbys card and and your homemade pizza sounds delicious. xx