'If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.' Thomas Edison

23 October 2011


13 days since I last posted!  Loads has been happening - my youngest turned 5, I've had an appointment with a business adviser about making Handmade Haven official, visits to our local Fishing Heritage Centre and the National Space Centre, and more driving lessons in preparation for my test next week.  Trying to remain calm about that last one but the closer I get the worse I feel (rescue remedy helping a little).

I made grape jelly yesterday with the mountain of grapes my Dad brought me from his vines.  Still got to use another pile too!  Not much else to say really...hope everyone else is keeping busy.


Dawn said...

I've been slow on updating the blog too just lately, hoping to return to more regular blogging though now.

Will be thinking of you for the test - good luck xxx

Good luck with your business plans too x

lily said...

A belated happy birthday to your youngest. Time seems to be running away from me too, must be the time of year and all this christmas crafting..........best of luck with your business venture and driving test.

Pippa said...

Sounds like you've some exiting things on the horizon. The app with the business advisor is great news and I hope it works out because your things really are worth the extra promotion.

Don't worry about the driving test. When you get in the car, try to think of it as any other lesson. On my test, a woman pulled right in front of me within minutes of the test starting and I had to break hard and in my fluster, I put the windscreen wipers on instead of the indicators by accident. I was so sure that I had failed that I went through the rest of the test without too much panic and ended up passing! Spooky thing is that I couldn't remember a thing about the test afterwards, or where I'd gone!!!! Please let us know how you get on! xxxxxx