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05 December 2011

Christmas is coming...

...so I thought I better make a start on the cake!  Here's the fruit soaking in brandy and sherry.  I've also made the mincemeat...it looks quite disgusting in this picture but, trust me, it's delicious.  I use Delia Smiths recipes for the puddings, the cake and the mincemeat as I find them very easy to do and I've always had good results from them.   Anyway, back to the mincemeat...it is now packed tightly into jars waiting for me to start on the mince pies in a few weeks.

I'm also drying some apples and oranges.  It's the first time I've dried apples...I forgot to brush them with lemon juice so they've gone a little brown.  There are more oranges still drying as they are taking ages.  Lets hope I don't burn them like I did last year!

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1 comment:

Dawn said...

Looks like you've been busy catching up with baking! Must get on with some cranberry mince pies here, don't like the traditional stuff or fruit cakes - but my Mom makes them anyway for those that indulge :-)

Loving your giveaway, think I've entered though it was rather confusing, lots of options :)