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19 December 2011


Well, the tree is up, some of the pressies are wrapped, the food is ordered or in the freezer, the invites are out, but...I don't know, I'm just not really feeling it yet!  Is it really this weekend?  Am I the only one feeling like this?  Maybe its the blooming cold that has been lingering in the background for over a week, that finally decided yesterday that it would rear it's head properly.  Out came the honey, lemon and echinacea again.  Probably a bit late, but when it was just sort of lingering in the background I stopped making it...serves me right really ;o).

(mmmmmm, dumplings...)

So today, I'm waiting for the shopping to arrive, I'm waiting for the courier to pick up a box of milk bottle tops (recycling for charity), I'm preparing for tomorrows birthday (eek a 14 year old), I'm sneezing alot, I'm hoping the glass doors will be back on the painted and filled cupboards so I can show you them, cos I LOVE them, and I'll be trying to find my Christmas zing again.

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Scented Sweetpeas said...

I had a cold that lasted for 2 - 3 weeks, bloomin thing. I hope you get better soon. Yep you are not the only one feeling it either, I am not really in the mood yet, mind you it always hits me afterwards :-)