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21 January 2012

Another Adventure?

(These tulips are just beautiful...a little treat to myself)

Another adventure?  I certainly hope so anyway.  Those of you who've followed me for a while will be aware of my failed attempt at getting a knitter knatter group going.  Well...I've just bitten the bullet and booked the village hall once a month for a small craft group.  The ladies at the home ed group really enjoy attempting crafty things, although not all of them like crocheting or knitting, so we thought we'd have a monthly meeting and just have a go (minus the children!).  It'll be very informal, and I'll definitely not be advertising unless the group initially works with just the ladies I know.  Hopefully, by starting small, and less often, it'll actually take off this time ;o).

1 comment:

Talie said...

Wish I still lived in that neck of the woods. I'd definitely be along for a knit and knatter - although in my case in might me more of a 'knot and knatter ;)
Best of luck xx