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12 April 2012


Thought I'd better pop in and say hello.  Easter holidays here so everything is just a bit mental (as it probably is for you lot too ;o) ).  I had a three day fair over the Easter weekend which was really good.  We've been to the woods and had a trip to the National Media Museum, but other than that we've just tried to chill and go with the flow.  If you follow my other blog you'll know that the business expansion plans are slightly mad at the minute too, which is why I've added the piccies of my new felt stock which arrived on Wednesday :o).  I'm hoping to get it on the website by the weekend (launching with a big give-away) but I do need to try and find the living room first as my stock seems to be spreading everywhere!  Hope your all enjoying some chill out time this Easter.


Dawn said...

*drool* ;-)

Claire said...

That's a lot of felt!!

Pippa said...

Oh wow, what gorgeous colours!! I love felt. My DD uses quite a lot of felt as she loves making stuffed animals and such and it's not easy to find good quality felt. I will look forward to seeing it in your shop! Exciting! xx