'If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.' Thomas Edison

25 April 2012


Today I am feeling rather overwhelmed by things - the business, housework, home ed stuff.  Tiredness and pmt are probably to blame, but hey ho.  Loads on my to-do list.  Plenty I haven't done at all - like make sure my littliest has his school uniform ready!  Bit late to worry about it now, but sometimes I feel like a rubbish Mum.  Organisation is the key I think...I'm not an organised person :o/.  Hadn't intended this to be a whinge or a self-pity post, but life is not always wonderful is it.  Thank you if you've managed to stay and listen :o)

What I actually wanted to show you was my wonderful new drop spindle and wool from the lovely Dawn over at Raising Seedlings.  It arrived last week, but with the big Craft Event I attended at the weekend I've not had chance to play with it yet.  Thank you so much for a very generous give-away prize xxx


Suki said...

I know that "overwhelmed" feeling sooo well!

It's worth it to be able to fit so many great things into life, right?

But feeling tired never helps! Hope you feel better soon.

I have no idea what a drop spindle is but look forward to finding out more!

Pippa said...

You're not a rubbish mum, I bet you're just very tired. And isn't this weather cr*p!!! Don't beat yourself up, I bet you are worrying a lot more than your children are! PMT - Gahh!! I'm having a break from that thanks to breastfeeding, but it used to cause all kinds of upsets which I'm not looking forward to revisiting the time comes. Thank you so much for your comforting words on my blog, I hope you are looking after yourself too and cutting yourself some slack. I'm not organised AT ALL, I don't think I have the gene required for it. I leave everything to the last minute, always turning up late (think Whisby!) but I think that's how I manage to pack so much craft stuff into my life that would normally get buried beneath more sensible stuff like vacuuming and dusting. *yawn* I bet you're the same. Be kind to yourself, you pack so much wonderful, creative stuff into your day and I bet your family are very proud. A few early nights and I bet things will fall back into place again. xxxx

Dawn said...

You've had a busy old time of it, just take some time to relax, we all need to sometimes!

Hope you have fun with the spindle - I recommend just practicising with just some commercial yarn at first - just play with the spin of it.

Have a restful weekend x

Making It Vintage said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment.........perhaps you need a little 'you' time.....time for a break, run that bubble bath, maybe take up a glass of wine and a good read and try and switch off for an hour or so........I know this isn't always the easiest of things to do when you have children, but I think it's vital to turn off sometimes and relax. xx