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23 July 2012


Helloooo.  Sorry, it's been a while again hasn't it?!  Well, the end of term/start of the holidays has not started out well.  Sickness which has turned into a full-on spotty boy, which has turned into sickness again means we're not really doing much (other than visiting the doctors and the emergency doctors over the weekend).  Ho hum.  Trying to keep a very active boy from over doing it so he can recover fully is hard going.

In the ongoing kitchen news...hopefully today the hubby will start painting it!  Yes I said paint on the kitchen walls.  It's only been waiting 5 years through all the changes that have happened in this room.  I can't wait.  We are still in need of an oven, some tiles and a splashback, but there shall be paint.

And finally, I have some exciting news over on Handmade Haven's blog if you want to pop over to take a look :o)


Medical Service said...
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Claire said...

Oh bless him. Hope he is feeling much better quickly, and that he heat isn't irritating his rash.