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17 November 2009

A little update

Thank you for your comments with regards my Grandad. He is still no better/worse, but he is comfortable. If there is no improvement over the next couple of days they will turn the machines off as this is what is actually keeping him going. I feel quite numb really, he is a good age (81), and he hasn't really had a good year because of his alzhiemers, the deterioration is terrible - but, he is my Grandad, and he is another piece of my Mum that is disappearing. Ummm.
Still keeping busy. I quickly made the above card for my BIL's 40th yesterday and then last night I sat and crocheted some more of the green granny blanket as it's repetitive and doesn't really need thinking about. Today took ages for me to get going but then I decided I really must get the Christmas cake started, so I wrote my list then peddled the 4 mile round trip to the shop to get the extra bits I needed. When I got back I made a start on the 2 cakes (1 is a gift), the mincemeat and the puddings. The house is going to smell gorgeous tomorrow when they are cooking.


Michelle said...

I'm so sorry Shell. We had that situation with my 90 year old Grandad last year. It's heartbreaking, I know. My Thoughts are with you and your family. Take care


Jacqui said...

Hugs xxxx