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09 November 2009


The rosemary I harvested yesterday filled my large basket and made the house smell gorgeous. I attempted to make a wreath as you would with willow, but it was too thick at one end and then too thin at the other and wouldn't stay woven together. I have some metal rings awaiting use as another idea, so I borrowed one of those. I had to tie the thick end on then weave it round the ring, and so on, then I added a length of twine so I could hang it in the kitchen.
I then filled a jar with rosemary, topped it up with olive oil and then stood it on my window sill so it can infuse it's gorgeous aroma. I'll either use this for cooking or I shall make so bath salts with it - can't decide yet.
The rest has been tide into 7 bundles and hung in the boiler cupboard to dry. I may use them for scent pillows or bath satchets or....any ideas greatly appreciated ;-).
PS. The small jar sat on the top of the rosemary jar has lavender and olive oil in it - I had a quick smell yesterday and it smells lovely.

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Pippa said...

I love your rosemary wreath, it's beautiful! My eldest is called Rosemary and I know she would love something like to hang in her bedroom! I'm definitely going to try the scented oil too. I have a large rosemary bush growing outside the kitchen door and I only ever use it to flavour lamb, so now I have some good ideas to make the most of it.

Anonymous said...

great idea infusining in the olive oil, my rosemary is still quite small but will definately try this another year when she's grown.. have plenty of lavender though, just been given some more so will give the lavender infusion a go :)
thanks for popping into my blog and getting back to me about the san pro, will email you about it this week sometime.. busy trying to find minutes ;)

Jacqui said...


Have a wee look at this video (hope the link works ok) I am going to do this using my rosemary this year.