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22 November 2009

More off the lists

Here's the Christmas puddings and mincemeat that I made the other day. I forgot to photograph the cakes before I wrapped them, but needless to say, the house smelt gorgeous the day I made it all.
I've been doing more on the crochet blanket (when I probably should have been making the log cabin bag) but I just need something at the minute that doesn't need too much thinking about. I've now got enough squares to make 16 blocks containing 9 squares each. This leaves 5 skeins left to make my edge. I did want to make 20 blocks but then I would only have 1 full skein left and I don't think that would have been enough to do it justice.
I've also done the felt food order, so that shall be posted tomorrow.
Grandad is now off the machines - we are waiting.

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Heather said...

So fun to hear of someone else who makes Christmas pudding. I grew up having it every year (and still do) but I don't know anyone else who even knows what it is. Christmas pudding would be one of my two must-haves at Christmas time if I had to narrow it down(the other thing would be the tree). ;-) We eat ours with two sauces - hard white and warm butterscotch.