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28 February 2010

Rather embarrassing really

I needed something calming yesterday so I sorted out my material into cotton/poly-cotton/other type piles and then thought I'd start on some of the other shelves. The cross-stitch shelf has a fair amount of used patterns that I've kept, and a rather embarrassing amount of kits that I've started and haven't finished from the last 17 years! So to shame myself into finishing them (one day) I've added a new section to the side bar lists. Anyone else care to own up to half-completed, or barely started, crafts? Go on, make me feel better................please.

On a slightly better note, I found the above cross-stitch which used to hang in the living room when I lived with my Mum, which I am going to re-mount and hang in my new hallway. I also found the small embroidery which I didn't even know she had done - so this is the only example. This too will also hang in the hallway when I have mounted it properly. I'm going to use the embroidery hoops as I love to see them hanging on walls with embroidery in them.

And finally, one finished granny square blanket - yah. Although it's not very big (probably just over a metre square), it covers my legs when I'm sat on the couch, so that's big enough for me. Actually, if it were any bigger it would be very heavy as it's made from cotton rather than wool. It is lovely and soft though, so perfect for me.


Shazronnie said...

I have an unfinished cross stitch I started in 1997. I am a queen of the good intentions and the work in progress; I started my blog to encourage me to finish things!

Becks said...

I am currently trying to finish a half cross stitch country cottage which I started last year. Not that old I know but it is the one that I pick up and put down again every single day. I also have 3 socks without partners, a knitted top from before I was pregnant (baby is now 8 months!), a latch hook rug that I haven't touched in 12 months, a baby jumper I started for my newborn baby which I might one day finish and gift to a new mama, and many other things which I am ashamed to admit too.
So glad I'm not alone!

Earth Mama said...

beautiful blanket!! I love it!

Jacqui said...

Gorgeous embroideries - I love to see them in the hoops too. And what a wonderful cosy blanket to sunggle into.
My confession - a jumper I started knitting for myself in the spring of the year 2000. It was supposed to be ready for that Autumn, for working in the garden.
I actually did a couple of rows today, so maybe this Autumn? :)

Roof said...

I started a lovely Peter Rabbit sampler when my brother told me he and his wife were expecting. Jack's 7 this year......
Your mum's embroideries are lovely - what treasures to work on xx

sue said...

heehee! i do this a lot! i have an embroidery kit unfinished.. slumbering or more like comatose in a drawer, i kept using the excuse that it was too difficult to do without a frame, was then given a frame a couple of year ago :-/ and its still sleeping!! I do that alot with my doodlings too.. have so many siting around waiting to be turned into cards! Made a start on a couple of those last week.. so now your post has given me inspiration to get off my bum and get motivated :)
your balnket is beautiful.. love the colour x