'If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.' Thomas Edison

04 October 2010

Children are Amazing

As is their resiliance. By lunch time on saturday JJ was just starting to eat again, the swelling reduced by half. By lunch time sunday he was back to his usual self with a little swelling, but not much. He still has the grazes, and we have to make an appt with our dentist (who is currently off sick!) for a check up and to see what happens next. Thank you all for your words of comfort and support, they've made a big difference over the last couple of days.
Yesterday was my brother in laws birthday so hubby took the kids and left me home alone for a couple of hours. I updated my website and my Misi shop as they'd been neglected, took the dog for a walk and got the tea ready - it was lovely. In the evening a made a couple more cat cards - white this time. Oh, this is the scarf I was knitting the other night too. It's quite a dinky one (perfect for a small child) as I only had 2 balls of this gorgeous Twilleys Freedom left.


Pippa said...

I'm glad JJ is recovering well and back to doing his normal things.

I love the cat cards, your cards always look so neat and well presented!

Great to have had a bit of time to yourself too, it does make all the difference doesn't it. xx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

So glad your little one is on the mend, I bet you feel so much better now too.

sue said...

hi shell, sorry hun i missed these last couple of posts.
scary stuff when kids hurt themseves like this and breaks yer heart to see em suffer. your so right tho, in that, they are so resilient. this happened to my wee nephew years ago, it took 3 hrs on an operating table to sew the inside of his face back together, the scaring is barely visible now, but, he bounced back even before he'd left the hospital!

glad to hear jj is back to himself, hope all is ok dental-wise too.. xx

(just wanted to let you know i've received the soaps.. thank you.. they look and smell divine. impressed with the way you've wrapped them too.. looks great! cant wait to try in the morn :o)

sue said...

shell, you clever girl..your soap is bloomin' fantastic, so creamy and the smell is so subtle..just how i like it:) used the patchouli and orange today..skin feels great! i've tried loads of natual soaps over the last few year and these are defo' among the best. i'm hooked. thanks much:)