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15 October 2010

Treats and orders

It's been a busy week this week so I've treat myself to a couple of books. The first is ideas for felted items that maybe shouldn't have been felted and the second is Kirsty's Homemade Home to go with the television series that she did. Both really good books.


I had an order for 12 purple felt hearts so.....

Picking the ribbons.

Cutting everything out ready.

2 done.

All 12 done and nearly packaged ready for the post office.


While I was shopping for ribbons I emptied the reel that one was on. I asked what they did with them and was told that they throw them away and asked if I would like it....yes please says I, so they gave me a bagful of empty reels. Fantastic. It will hopefully mean my ribbon box is a bit tidier :o).

I also got some holly fabric for yule treats. Once out of Boyes I discovered a new fabric/wool/haberdashery shop!!!!!! Oh my...it was a good job I had JJ with me or I would have spent a fortune as we just don't have a decent fabric shop round here. The choice was amazing - the vehicle fabric came from there (JJ's choice).


Now, I'm supposed to be passing on a blog award to 10 bloggers that I love but I want to give it to all blogs that I read. I know thats a bit of a cheat but the 50 blogs that I 'follow' are all fabulous for various reasons - so, if I follow your blog have this award too, and thank you for making me happy with your knowledge, heartwarming stories, crafts, recipes, links, warmth, friendship, love.


Pippa said...

Those two books are really lovely. I've owned the 'Felt So Good' book for a little while, but I only bought 'Kirstie's Homemade Home' a couple of days ago. I've been sitting up in bed in our caravan reading it this morning, it's very good for inspiration and I can't wait to rummage around the farm, looking for bits and bobs that can become decorative once again.

The hearts are really pretty and great that you've found a good fabric store!

Helen_D said...

Hi. I'm a friend of Sarah's (arwen_tiw). I came across your blog via hers and then found your website. Just wondering if you received my order for the denim bag? Lovely things on your website. I have my eye on some things for Christmas presents :-) . Thanks. Helen.

Helen_D said...

Thanks for your email, I pressed delete instead of reply by mistake. I can't remember if I gave you my home address or my husband's work address which is where we usually get parcels posted to. If I gave you the work address then it's probably waiting for me there. My husband's been off work ill this week, so hasn't been there to pick it up. Thanks.

Jenevieve said...

I have the felt so good book and love it! Haven't Kirstie's Homemade Home yet, but I loved the series she did last year and so may have to get the book too! The hearts look great! :) x