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04 April 2011

And the morning after....

...I am making more notes on how to get people to the Knitter Natter group! Yes, I was sat there on my own, with my ginger ale and my notebook and pencil, writing ideas down, writing more places I could advertise, and drawing ideas for a logo. Ho hum!

This is a brooch I made for the MIL for Mothers Day - it's the same as the cat cards but I added an extra layer of felt for added stiffness. I have got quite a bit more done on the blanket but I think I shall go to town this morning to buy a bit more wool (so much for the stash busting).

Hope you have some lovely sunshine where you are :o)


Becks said...

Oh Shell, what a shame.
But then as you suggested, Mother's day might not have been the best choice for a start up date ;-)
And at least now the only way is up!
I'm sure you'll get some people at your next one, I definitely wouldn't be able to resist - all our local knitting groups are on Thursday and Friday when I'm in work :(
Lovely brooch too.

Claire said...

What a shame. It might be that mothers day was to blame, and next time more people would be there anyway. Mre advertising can't hurt though.

DH is just setting up a local group for war hammer (first meeting tonight!). He has advertised on forums, created a webpage for people to register interest, created flyers to hand out to interested people which then direct them to the website for further info.

I'll pick his brains later to see if he can think of more things that might help you.

Dawn said...

Oh, sorry you didn't have any company, if I lived closer I'd have been there x
I agree that being mothers day may not have helped, hopefully next time others will turn up, these things need time to grow sometimes.
More advertising sounds good, especially wool shops as in your notes, and libraries.

horserider said...

I like the things you have knitted. They are really good.
I learnt to knit at christmas.
Immy age 11