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02 April 2011

Sun, food and hookyness

Just look at this gorgeous sunset. This was a few nights ago, and it was beautiful, and a much deeper red than this photo shows. I just love how the sun always sets behind this huge tree and makes it black.

It's wild garlic season - yipee. I don't usually get to the woods this early to get some (ie before the flowers come out) but today has been so lovely that we went this afternoon. I came back with a huge haul, most of which went into this soup. I still have some left in the fridge though, so I may add it to some butter and freeze it so I have some for future use. Mind you, I'll definitely be going back to the woods for some more ;o).

And this is what I'll be taking to the first Knitter Natter group tomorrow. It's going to be a lightweight blanket but I'm stash busting and I want it to be fairly big so I may have to buy a few balls of 4ply. I'm using a 6mm hook so it's growing fairly quickly. I'm quite nervous about the group as I hadn't checked the calendar when I made the posters so I hadn't realised it was Mothers Day! Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I won't be sat there on my own ;o).


Anonymous said...

that sun pic is gorgeous!
and mmmmm...wild garlic :o) i adore the smell while wandering in the woods. have you got a recipe for the soup?

hope tomorrow goes well and you have some nice company..have a happy mothers day lovely mama.


Claire said...

That blanket looks lovely. Hope your group goes well.

I've never tried making wild garlic soup, is it easy?

Dawn said...

Loving the wild garlic at the moment, especially soup and humus here x

Good luck with yout knitter natter group, have a fab time x

Lady Green said...

Yum! Our wild garlic soup was amazing. I think because it's so fresh and new it makes a huge difference. Got a mahoosive bag still left in the fridge so going to do some pesto today and maybe freeze some. Am I the only one who is nibbling it raw from the fridge?! xxx

arwen_tiw said...

Fabulous stuff. We loved our wild garlic soup too. :)