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09 April 2011

Ohhh and oops!

Oohhhh, or maybe mmmmm, or both?! We've been to the woods again. This time we came back with wild garlic, nettles and jack-by-the-hedge. So this afternoon I made some.....

...wild green's soup,

some nettle and jack-by-the-green flatbreads,

some wild garlic butter (which I then wrapped in 25g pieces in greaseproof paper and put in a box in the freezer),

and some fish cake mix ready for tea :o). I have still got enough wild garlic left to make some more soup and some flavoured oil.

Here's my blanket so far. I know this doesn't really give you any idea of size etc but I couldn't be bothered to unroll it! I'm loving the simple repetitiveness of this...just rows and rows of treble crochet. Now, do you wanna see the oops?

I wasn't supposed to be buying any more wool (other than a couple of balls to go with the blanket) but just look at all that...for a fiver!!!!!! All wool mixes too. Charity shops are great.


arwen_tiw said...

I don't think that's allowed to count as an oops. *grins*

And yummmm to the wild cookery... Mouth wateringly good!

Pippa said...

That's not an ooops, that's definitely a "Yay!!"

I love the foody things you've been doing. I bought Richard Mabey's book last year and am determined to find food in and around the farm. I started the other day, but impressing DH by picking chickweed and eating it. He decided that it would make a lovely salad! That wild garlic butter is making my mouth water! xx

Joxy said...

Yum, the butter looks lovely..and those flatbreads.. mmmm yum.

And looking foward to the finished blanket unravelled!

Becks said...

Lovely garlicky idea's.
And as for the wool - then surely it doesn't count if it came from the charity shop?

Dawn said...

Lots of yum!