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07 September 2011


I thought I would show you on this blog what all the fuss was about :o)  40 tins have arrived safely and are being filled with crayons as we speak, ready for their outing on Saturday.

I wanted to thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post too.  It's been a very odd few weeks but this last week seems to have been much better, unless you count the stomach churning driving lessons!  I really need to try and calm myself down before I go on these as I feel awful.  I think I over think things before hand and get into a right state.

On Monday though (just before one of my aforementioned lessons), there was a knock at the door...not that unusual I hear you say...but there was a florist with a huge bouquet of flowers...very unusual in this house.  Hubby had got me some flowers!! (there will be a piccie once the camera has charged).  Then, after he'd made the lunch and I had put the flowers in 4 vases,  the hubby took me to see Harry Potter (again), just him and me, then we went out for an evening meal....just him and me!!!!!  It was a lovely, lovely day, and a complete surprise. 


Pippa said...

What a lovely hubbie!! Sounds like he's very proud of you!! The tins are brilliant!

Regarding driving lessons, try to relax and focus on NOT gripping the steering wheel so hard. That's what I used to do, I'd look down and see my knuckles all white and feel the tension in my neck and try to concentrate on sitting back in the seat - in fact, I still do this when I'm approaching a motorway or other major road and I can feel myself getting anxious. As with rearing children, all other road-users are experts (or so they think), so ignore them and don't be intimidated. This is the hardest part and you'll quickly get the hang of it and it will all become second nature I promise. This is exciting and you will never look back once you get that license to drive!! xxxxx

The Barefoot Crofter said...

They look fab Shell. Well done. What a lovely man you have - but you deserve it :)
Driving is so hard at first, but it does come, and one day you will just do it. Think of it like learning to work a sewing machine. I used to look at all those people I knew who could drive and think - well if they can do it, then so can I.

charlotte said...

wow what a great day and a lovely hubbie! x x x
good luck on the driving front.

Making It Vintage said...

That's so romantic...... flowers, film and dinner.......I bet you could do with a little pampering after covering all those cans, love the design.
Good luck with the driving lessons,
lily x