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13 September 2011

Proud mummy moment

This wonderful artwork was done by JJ, aged 4 years.  He really enjoyed it too, so hopefully I'll get one of the boys engaged in some fabric/yarn craft.

It's my brother-in-laws birthday today so this is his card.  A black felt silhouette of a chopper!  Bit fiddly so not perfectly cut out, but hopefully he'll like it.

Got another driving lesson today so I'm trying to keep busy.  I've also got the theory test this week...eek!  I just keep thinking of all the craft fairs I'll be able to do once I've got my licence :o)


Dawn said...

Lovely work JJ, great that you can share some love of fabric/yarn craft with one of your boys - I guess it's harder to engage some boys in those crafts.

Good luck with your lessons xxx

The Barefoot Crofter said...

Great embroidery - well done JJ.
I love your card - fond memories of chopper bikes (well the boy across the road who had one ;)
Good luck with the theory test. xxx

arwen_tiw said...

Lovely work, JJ! :) (And mama!)

charlotte said...

lovely needle work, well done!
Good luck on the theroy test.

Making It Vintage said...

What beautiful needlework, no wonder you're a proud mummy, that chopper must have taken some cutting out too......thanks for the encouragement for the folksy shop, early days yet. quite scary though.

Hope you had a successful driving lesson. xdup

Making It Vintage said...

I'm not sure what that dup is, very strange, lol.