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14 February 2012

Another Adventure

Well...he asked a couple of weeks ago, then changed his mind once we were at the barbers, but since his brother had his done he mentioned it again.  So, today we have been for his first hair cut!  JJ's hair was way past his shoulder blades but he wanted hair he could spike up...like Tray Cool from Greenday!  He looks soooo different.  I'm not used to him with short hair at all.  My babies have all grown up!

On a different note entirely..I got to thinking about the things we say, or don't say when asked to give an opinion on something.  The book review I did for the book people has been bothering me since I posted it.  I had to send it to them for checking so I didn't really give my full opinion for fear of...I don't know what really.  Whats the point of doing a review if I'm not going to be honest?!  So now I'm going to be honest but I shall put it here as I already had the original one checked by them.

I was disappointed with the book.  I actually gave the original one away that I bought for myself as it was disappointing and Kirsty irritated me with the TV programme.  She didn't really seem as if she wanted to do half the crafts she did so I never even finished watching the series.  The book is beautiful, but as an actual useable craft book I didn't feel as it inspired me to do anything. 

There, that feels better.  It made me laugh when I opened the parcel from The Book People to be confronted with the book again, but hey ho!


Joxy said...

Aww look at your boy, so cute.

But ooh that lovely hair gone, so far Rye is insistent he wants his hair long :-)

Dawn said...

Another haircut, looks lovely and yes a lot older too x

I did wonder about the book review the other day, you know my thoughts from my comment ;-), I thought we would have had similar thoughts on the book and now I know we did really.
I think honest book reviews are essential really, it is a nice looking book but I want practical from craft books. How did you come to start reviews for them if you don't mind me asking?

The Barefoot Crofter said...

Lol - they look so different with their short hair don't they. J's is growing back a bit now, so time for another trip to the barbers. At least I know his curls are still there.
Well done with the book review - I have only done one (apart from ones I talk about on the blog) fortunately I did like it. I hate buying book on Amazon because of good reviews and then to be disappointed xxx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Loving the haircut and well done for being honest. I am tempted by doing book reviews but as you say only if they want honesty :-) You go girl :-)