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06 February 2012

I'm still here!!

No need to send out a search party...life is just completely bonkers at the minute ;o).  I thought learning to drive would make my life easier and give me more time, but in reality it's opened up so many doors for me that I actually have no time to waste any more.  It's fab I tell you...just fab!

The adventures then.  The first two pictures are from our few days at Center Parcs.  We had a very full week, with ducks, moorhens, pheasants, squirrels, great tits and pidgeons visiting us at the door in a morning.  The squirrels used to listen for the door opening and then come and stand on it's back legs with its front feet up on the glass if there was no food.  They move too fast when you want a picture, hence the photo from a distance ;o).  We were back on the Friday ready for my first ever craft fair on the saturday. 

Here's a piccie of my stall.  I need to get some proper stands to hang things on now, as I've got at least 4 more fairs in the next few months.

And just because I'm British, here's the obligatory snow picture for you.  Not a patch on last year, but now I'm driving I don't think I'm that bothered to be honest ;o).

Hopefully it won't be as long before I'm sharing more adventures with you all.

1 comment:

Dawn said...

Love your stall! Glad you enjoyed it and have other things for the coming year, sounds brilliant.

Hmmph ... you got snow too!
(that would by my daughters comment, me I'm not bothered either ;-))

Dawn x