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13 February 2012

Book Review - Kirsty Allsopp Craft

The book I'm reviewing is Kirsty Allsopp Craft.
This book has a good quality feel to it that some craft books don't have. Each section begins with a little introduction about the crafts then there are a few projects for you to get stuck in.

There are a good range of activities that would satisfy both a beginner and an accomplished crafty person who wants to try something new. I love how it covers traditional crafts but brings them up-to-date.

I also like how it encourages children to get involved in, what would normally be considered, crafts for grown-ups. The only downside for me is the lack of photographs throughout each activity. Don't get me wrong the photos are beautiful but more progress photos would have made the book perfect for me.

(My attempt at the bath creamers....maybe I should have followed the recipe properly ;o) )

Edited to add (from the next blog post): 
On a different note entirely..I got to thinking about the things we say, or don't say when asked to give an opinion on something. The book review I did for the book people has been bothering me since I posted it. I had to send it to them for checking so I didn't really give my full opinion for fear of...I don't know what really. Whats the point of doing a review if I'm not going to be honest?! So now I'm going to be honest but I shall put it here as I already had the original one checked by them.

I was disappointed with the book. I actually gave the original one away that I bought for myself as it was disappointing and Kirsty irritated me with the TV programme. She didn't really seem as if she wanted to do half the crafts she did so I never even finished watching the series. The book is beautiful, but as an actual useable craft book I didn't feel as it inspired me to do anything.


charlotte said...

I have heard other good reports on this book, do I really need another??

Dawn said...

Interesting to read your review, I borrowed this from the library a while ago and was quite disappointed in it. Mind you her programme(hand made home?) annoyed me a little too as she would show herself trying something then get someone else finished things for her - she didn't really make much herself.
A good introduction to many crafts but I think there are better books out there personally.