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19 March 2012

Cakes and Ribbon

Well hello if your still here.  I meant to start posting a bit more regularly but life is still hectic.  Anyway, I managed to get the fabric (see last post) all sorted out, and even went through my existing stash.  I took the pieces I wouldn't use to the charity shop so someone else could have some use out of them...very organised of me I know (not really as it took me a week to remove them from the kitchen floor ;o) ).  I also attended a meeting of The Country Crafts Association where they wanted to review my work so they could see whether or not they would accept me into their group. 

I also received more ribbon from one of my suppliers...I was going to wait for the rest to arrive before I added it to the website but I'm very impatient so it's on there now.  Once the buttons have arrived (and I'm also going to stock pure wool felt!!)  I will be holding a celebration give-away so watch this space!

Today I managed to make some cakes (lemon and poppy seeds)...first time in months.  Now I'm going to take hubby some lunch as he's working at his lock-up then I'm hoping to do some sewing this afternoon.


Dawn said...

Loving hearing about your expanding craft business and love that you will be stocking wool felt, I know where to come in the future ... if I don't make my own ;-)

A little surprise over on my blog for you, and in the post soon xxx

Claire said...

I love the ribbon! My daughter has her own stash of ribbon now, as she kept sharing mine! ;-)
Can't wait for the pure wool felt. :-)

Deco Cat said...

Lemon and poppy seed are our family favourite, delicious!