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11 March 2012

Still hectic

Heck...this rollercoaster of a week is still hectic!  I had a friend drop by on Friday with 3 bags of fabric - I was expecting carrier bags when she said bags, but look at the size of them!  They are still sat on the kitchen floor waiting to be looked through.

Yesterday was the Crafts Uncovered Event in Barton upon Humber.  It was a fabulous day (even though I left a lot of stock at home!) made even better as when I got home hubby made the tea :o).

Also waiting for me when I got home was a parcel containing 6 of the ribbons I ordered from the supplier.  I didn't even know they'd been dispatched so that was a lovely suprise.  I've been taking lots of photos this morning then I need to make more soap.  Updating the website will have to wait until later :o)

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Louise said...

Your stall looks lovely, hope you made some good sales.