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30 December 2008

Arn't old sheets great?

It's been a very productive day today - we do get them sometimes. After making the wrapping paper bag I got carried away slightly and made the dog bed cover (yes it does have cats and mice on it), re-made the felt sausages as we didn't like them in a string and re-stitched the eyes on the green mini monster (yes this is the 3rd set he's had). That's a couple off things of my list.

And, Hubby is happy with this pile of soft rags that were left over from the sheet as well.

2 of the sausages sizzling in the pan ;-).

Mini monster

After sorting out Ds3's bedroom and wardrobe I took these out as they have a couple of stains on them so they are no good for the charity shop. I'll try and think of something to make them into. The last t-shirt that we didn't want to part with was made into a cushion which sits on his bed. (I'll try and remember to post a picture). Any suggestions very welcome.

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