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29 December 2008


Well I'm so disappointed with myself - yesterday I had the first sock at 6.5cms in length for the cuff so then I could start on the pattern. I ended up pulling the whole lt down because I was decreasing the stitches on the 4 needles when I shouldn't have been. The pattern asks for ssk then yo but I was still losing the stitches - don't know how?!?! So anyway, I've pulled it all down (there was no way I could pick up the stitches again if I only pulled the pattern bit down) and have started again. So disappointed. I'm just going to knit a rib pattern all the way down to the heel and hope that works ok. I have to say that this kit was supposed to be a beginner kit...maybe they expect people who want to knit socks to be the same people who knit wonderful and more complicated patterns in other things. Anyway, we shall see what happens and I'm sure to be on here moaning some more when I get down to the heel bit ;-)

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