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16 December 2008

Birthday card and hat

This is the birthday card I have made (using watercolour pencils again) for Ds1 who will be 11 on Saturday. He's into horror stories at the minute so hopefully he'll like this.
I've also been knitting the luminous yellow hat for Ds2. I have to say that the wool (100% acrylic) is horrible to work with - it squeaks and pulls tight - but it's what he wanted so I'll knit away :-)

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Michelle said...

Shell that card is fantastic. I'm going to be really cheeky here but my Dh is a big horror and dracula fan. It's his birthday in Jan. Is there any way you would make one of those for me? I'd pay in £ or greenies whichever suits. He'd love that and there is no way I'm artistic enough to draw that.