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19 December 2008

Preparing for tomorrow's birthday

As we have a birthday in the house tomorrow, I've got the bunting and happy birthday sign that I made. The bunting is pieces of fabric cut to shape with pinking shears. I then tacked them inside a cotton strip and then hand-sewed them altogether. It's about 14ft in total.

I made this sign a few years ago. We used to hang one of those plastic 'throw-away' happy birthday signs. This was made using the word processor for the letters, which were cut out and then I laminated them (4 laminates in total). Much longer lasting and much nicer to look at.

I've been terribly grumpy the last few days and needed to 'make' something yesterday so I sat and knitted 3 leaves (one has mysteriously vanished) - not very exciting but, hey, something I'd not done before, and they only took about 10 mins each. I've also started some mini monsters to go in the Christmas stockings - managed to get 1 body, 2 arms and 1/2 a leg done - still 6 days to go so should be plenty of time, right ;-).
I also succummed to a 15% discount that ebay were offering me and bought some cocoa butter - not organic but something to get me started. Might just make some vanilla ones first as I have some vanilla extract in the cupboard - hope that works the same.

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